Spoken Word

Sometimes I feel like we still are kids playing house –
or work, for that matter.
Somebody trusted us with an important task –
Can you make a few of your gorgeous mud pies for our guests tomorrow?
and left us to cope with the responsibility.
Except it’s not mud pies but research proposals,
and we don’t face it with the same reckless optimism anymore.
Yesterday we were but children in a sandpit.
Today we become what society is built on.

Sometimes it still feels so unreal.
What are we doing in our offices
at our computers
with our work correspondence
and our business calls?
Whom are we trying to fool
by wearing suits and ties as masquerade?
Whom to impress with our business cards
as if they were well earned trophies?
We are writing and calling
all those Dear Mr.s and Dear Mrs.’
all day long,
juggling with numbers and quotes and reports.
And what for?
Trying to achieve what?
A higher number on our payslip?
A chance at getting taken more serious?
What is there to be tomorrow
that lets us keep working today?
And what does it actually mean
in the grand scheme?

Sometimes we get lost and orienting oneself
back on track to reality is hard.
Sometimes all that talk about funds and refunds,
calls and recalls
just gets to our heads
and then it’s crucial to put our feet back to the ground
and recognize ourselves for what we really are:
who bake mud pies,
learn to ride a bike
and fall (in love).

Mostly we are just trying to figure out
what it is
that life wants from us.
Sometimes it doesn’t tell us
immediately –
or ever.
I guess, sometimes
you just have to guess.
Fake it till you make it –
or don’t.


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